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Watch: Why Woman Signs Her Man's Private Parts Steve goes on to contend that men of a larger size, who might have trouble finding a sexually compatible partner, are able to find a woman who can accommodate their size on his website.He tells that the focus of the site is not sex, but for people who are looking for a relationship.Founder David Goss of California thought of the idea after hearing of a similar site for Democrats.He also learned his Republican friends were having a hard time on dates once politics were brought up — especially when it came to Donald Trump.He shares that members of the site are not screened to make sure they measure up and it operates on the honor system.He says the inspiration for the site was a female friend who encountered a little disappointment when the man she was dating finally revealed his little friend.

“Dating and romance scammers lower your defences by building an online relationship with you.“Police warn to never give out personal details, particularly in a chatroom.

Answer: You don’t.” Adopting a fake aliases online, often using photos of wealthy and good looking people, is known as catfishing.

While not always intended to scam people out of money, many victims often find they have been misled.

The scammer will traditionally try and focus the conversation on you, thereby revealing little details about themselves while appearing interested.

The Met said: “Scammers will normally try and steer you away from communicating on a legitimate dating website that could be monitored by staff.