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is an online sex education and support organization created for teens and young adults.

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1in6 has partnered with RAINN to offer our ‘Online Support Line’ for men seeking information and resources related to unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood, and for people who care about them.

Because not all relationships are healthy, and it’s a hard subject to talk about it, going to places like is a great, safe way for you to learn more and get the support you might be looking for.

This is a great website that lets you connect with health educators to answer your questions or hear any concerns you have related to sexual health.

First we focus on immediate live assistance, from a person with special training to help men with histories of unwanted or abusive experiences in childhood (and people who care about them). There are several ways to get help now, by phone or online chat.

And to the left are links to more information that’s valuable when you’re considering the options and reaching out for help.