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The JTF also provided three different phone numbers persons with useful information that will lead to the arrest of the BH members can use to contact them.

The monetary reward is to motivate people to join in the man-hunt for BH leaders.

Iqbal Gagan (RIGHT) prays with members of his mosque before breaking Ramadan fast at the Islamic Center of Orlando, Florida, on June 30, 2016.

The Center saw a dramatic drop in attendance at these meals following the Pulse shootings, but have seen people come back, especially after hiring more security guards to stand watch.

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Currently, the Islamic faith is under tremendous scrutiny from all sides.

I often suspect that pundits who deliver their ideological quips regarding my faith do not have much in the way of direct experience nor understanding when it comes to this tender subject.

The purpose of this column is to communicate information on the needlessly enigmatic subject of Islam. The faith has nearly 1.6 billion practitioners — thus making it the second most practiced religion behind Christianity. The faith is currently growing at a rate that is believed to be the fastest among all major belief systems.

Unfortunately, the previous sentence might give some readers cause for alarm. The faith is not named after a particular people, like Judaism, or a particular individual, like Christianity.