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Mark Klaus (It’s all in the name) and his wife, Dana, have created a wonderland.

It features authentic props from Hollywood Christmas movies, including Elf, Grinch, Christmas Vacation, and many other holiday classics.

Middletown, Ohio, resident Edgar Streifthau opened Le Sourdsville Lake Amusement Park on May 8, 1922.

Edgar's dream was to transform the former ice manufacturing facility in the tiny village of Le Sourdsville into an area for residents to enjoy a decent and clean place to picnic and swim with friends and family. Edgar and his business partner, Bill Rothfuss, built a bathhouse, a restaurant, dance hall and a bridge crossing the abandoned Miami-Erie Canal that passed through the property linking the parking lot and the park.

No one had ridden the classic "Screechin` Eagle" wooden roller coaster, or any other ride for that matter since 2002.

The more information a member enters, the more likely the system is to select matches with whom the person is compatible.In June of 2007 myself and two other photographers were permitted to enter the park property.A place that once provided so many memories and served as a symbol of the fading era of the "classic" American amusement park, sat quiet and abandoned.Le Sourdsville Lake Amusement Park was an amusement park located in Middletown, Ohio.Opening in 1922 as a family picnic and campground, Le Sourdsville Lake transformed in the 1940s to an amusement park with rides, attractions, and an arcade.