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She has released fourteen albums, appeared on numerous soundtracks, and helped renew interest in bluegrass music in the United States.Her soundtrack performances have led to further popularity, including the O Brother, Where Art Thou?Musically I could make the effort to try to do something a little different.

E.," Tammy Wynette spells out all the words that relate to the breakup so her young son won't understand quite yet and have his heart broken, too.

Or if you're more in a "Give It Away" mood like George Strait's fictional ex, pour a celebratory shot of bourbon and check out the Top 20 Country Best Anti-Love Songs.

On July 28th 1984, John Waite performed "Missing You" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...

SM: It was just sort of natural, things I wanted to talk about. I'm typically telling my own story, but within that, there's always other people's stories that come into play as well.

That's creative license; you have to tell a story in a unique and special way that's different from all the other stories, when you only have the words that we have, and only, for example, seven words to stick into a particular frame, and they have to rhyme at the end.

Alison krauss and john waite dating