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Content providers let you centralize content in one place and have many different applications access it as needed.

A content provider behaves very much like a database where you can query it, edit its content, as well as add or delete content using insert(), update(), delete(), and query() methods.

authority This specifies the name of the content provider, for example contacts, browser etc.

For third-party content providers, this could be the fully qualified name, such as com.tutorialspoint.statusproviderdata_type This indicates the type of data that this particular provider provides.

Google might still change things that could break the sample when they release the final version of Android L.

At this year’s Google I/O, Google released a preview to the upcoming Android version. This is a very big improvement over previous releases and I really love that Google is doing this. Let me start with the good news: Recycler View is part of the support library. Ok: You can use it as soon as the final support lib accompanying the L release gets released.

Part of this preview are two new views: , it’s many internal classes and interfaces, how they interact and how you can use them.

The user has to scroll up and down to see more items and that’s when the recycling and reuse comes into play.

As soon as a user scrolls a currently visible item out of view, this item’s view can be recycled and reused whenever a new item comes into view.