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Dating leads to divorce Means variety choose things on a photo that he’s still speed dating daphne al learning about the consequences of getting a divorce and move back money left over to post what.Other immensely wanted make sure i was the type to talk.Or Daphne's thoughts after Wilke cheered her up by pushing her in the pool. Sorry for the long review with too much suggestions. Or how Daphne's feelings started becoming more clear to her and she had realized Wilke was the one instead of Emmet. "She stayed silent, but couldn't look him in the eye, fearing he'd see the tears in her eyes. After a few mute pauses, she finally spoke."it doesn't matter what I believe, or what I want to believe…"It's not what you think Daphne. Okay yes, we kissed, but I didn't mean for it to happen. One moment I'm here looking for Toby, and I find her instead. You knew what I was going through when we got together-whatever this is!We got to talking, and then out of nowhere she attacks me, at right at the moment that I push her off, I see you""Wilke, that's a load of cra-""God Daphne! ""I may not be able to hear you, but I can tell when you're yelling at me! " She was so angered and filled with sadness that she expected tears to fall any moment.Little had she known she would find her boyfriend, and said ex-teammate and friend buried in each other's arms.Wilke pushed Simone away and she simply placed a wide smirk across her face.

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How about Daphne having dinner at Wilke's at meeting his family for the first time.

Thanks for stumbling upon this fic, if you like it, don't forget to favourite and review :)Disclaimer time: I do not own Switched at Birth nor it's characters (sadly). Now on to some Daphne and Wilke goodness for all you shippers :)So many emotions were running through Daphne's mind: anger, sadness, confusion.

Things with Simone, had become profusely worse, but slowly Daphne was trying to make amends.

Or u could do one on Wilke's thoughts after the whole making out in the car thing.

You could do a prompt on jealousy or something with wilke's friends insulting Daphne like that guy who was dating Bay then started dating Daphne. And maybe another one where she's giving birth to their first kid (and giving Wilke a hard time, because obvs labor is hard and it hurts. When i saw the title of this chapter I was like "She used my suggestion. She thinks this beacuase her parents relationship (Regina and Angelo) failed and Emmet had cheated on Bay. But just to put this out there, I like happy endings.