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During the early modern period, the term "atheist" was used as an insult and applied to a broad range of people, including those who held opposing theological beliefs, as well as those who had committed suicide, immoral or self-indulgent people, and even opponents of the belief in witchcraft.

Atheistic beliefs were seen as threatening to order and society by philosophers such as Thomas Aquinas.

It's not like it's easy to be an atheist anywhere in the U. Atheists are the most distrusted and disliked of all minority groups -- more than blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, immigrants, and gays and lesbians -- and polls show that Americans are less likely to vote for an atheist than they are for a person in any other minority or marginalized category.

And this hostility can have serious consequences, in the form of harassment, bullying, ostracism, vandalism, alienation from family, loss of jobs, and more.

Every activity of the day, which was punctuated by church bells summoning the faithful to prayer, was saturated with religious beliefs and institutions: they dominated professional and public life—even the guilds and the universities were religious organizations. Even if an exceptional man could have achieved the objectivity necessary to question the nature of religion and the existence of God, he would have found no support in either the philosophy or the science of his time." As governmental authority rested on the notion of divine right, it was threatened by those who denied the existence of the local god.

Those labeled as atheist, including early Christians and Muslims, were as a result targeted for legal persecution.

You find efforts to send secular tax dollars to religious schools in Indiana and Florida.She pays them to live on their campus while they teach her about the Bible and Jesus. You are going to need to continue to grieve this loss, while accepting her choice and her freedom to make it. Focus on your own acceptance, and make sure she knows you are always in her corner, no matter what.She raises funds for them by asking others for money to support her. Research the group she is in and see if you can connect with ex-members or family members of current members. DEAR AMY: Our son and his wife and their two daughters live in the same city as my husband and me. The daughter-in-law communicates by email, as we get together for birthdays.Is it easier to be an atheist in New York than in Texas? but it may also be easier if you're in Austin, Texas than if you're in rural upstate New York.Many atheist and secularist leaders I spoke to stressed this point.