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In 1975, both Murray brothers were in an off-Broadway spin-off of the radio show when Bill was spotted by sportscaster Howard Cosell, who recruited him for the cast of his ABC variety program that Murray created the sleazy, insincere comedic character that became his calling card for many films to come.He also earned an Emmy award for Outstanding Writing for his work on the show.

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Actor Bill Murray is a comedy icon best known for his popular 'Saturday Night Live' characters and movie classics such as 'Meatballs,' 'Caddyshack' and 'Ghostbusters.' He was nominated for an Oscar for his seriocomic role in 'Lost in Translation.'Actor and comedian Bill Murray was born William J.The 1989 action hit “Road House” still makes the rounds on TV quite often, be it on AMC or one of the premium cable channels.And that is bad news for one of the movie’s stars, Kelly Lynch, and worse news for her husband, writer and producer Mitch Glazer.A now-debunked rumor that Bill Murray is dating Jenny Lewis briefly fooled the internet yesterday, only further confirming that we will now believe pretty much any story whose keywords even vaguely make sense together.Even though indie cult favorite actor Bill Murray is 65 and indie cult favorite musician Jenny Lewis is 39, we all just lined up to blindly accept the testimony of “a source” who told Page Six that “Jenny is Bill’s special friend.” After all, Murray stars in multiple Wes Anderson films, which employ a precious retro sepia-tint aesthetic very similar to that sort of also sported by Jenny Lewis.