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Do I think you could have a sexual or romantic relationship with either males or females?

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Adolescence can be a period of experimentation, and many youths may question their sexual feelings. And keep sending in your questions...the leader of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, Paul Swanson. Get support and resources for gay, lesbian and bi-sexual youth from Highland Park teacher and leader of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, Paul Swanson. american_high_host:: Just a few more minutes til you can chat with teacher Paul Swanson from PBS' American High. You'd be amazed at what kind of powerful statement that can send. american_high_host:: We're chatting with teacher Paul Swanson from American High, leader of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance. And perhaps that's why they entered the teaching profession. If there was any, it would be dealt with by the dean's office. What can schools do to help gay, lesbian and bisexual students? Should schools be proactive about bullying when it involves gay, lesbian and bisexual teens? neverland48: I think that the schools should stay out of the students personal lives. It's that usually students bring their needs to the school and then sometimes harassment can interfere with learning. Paul is the leader of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, working to support gay, lesbian and bi-sexual youth. Keep sending in your questions...the leader of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, Paul Swanson. And there are lots of stages, and lots of unique individuals. There are other students in the documentary, such as John, who are gay. davidgerm: What are the main goals or motivation for straight students to be in the Alliance? fl_college_girl03: I'm not asking you to explain..I just dont' understand why people have to "come out" in high school. Paul:: It IS where you go to learn, but it is a place of socialization. Though, frankly, public displays of affection on the school grounds during school hours is really frowned upon. Student Coalition for Awareness is a service/education organization. And their website is other organization is Student Pride U. I graduated from a northshore HS some time ago and I wish I had somewhere to turn for support during that time. Newtrier High School (our sister school) has become very proactive. unlhusker23: in the club were there any tensions, come on that is a good question Paul:: Sure there are tensions! bigtrucks_drivemenutts: Is life more challenging with more people knowing your gay (like in my town people discriminate against them by putting fag on their car). I wouldn't want to have to make up names when students ask me, "Where are you going on vacation, Mr. " baja48734: Do you not feel that a large percentage of teens don't really know what their sexual preferance is and adults today are pushing them in the gay direction? High Rise Dreamer: but what if some people just don't want to get to know GLBT people? grimreaper513: What makes a school with GSA any "safer" than any other school? The only thing with the GSA is that there's recognition and there's a lack of invisibility. And yet, I do believe teachers have to intervene with language. american_high_host:: Great questions for our teacher, Paul Swanson. As a proud bisexual man, for years I've had to navigate the complicated gray area that my identity occupies on the sexuality spectrum.Despite all of the gains the LGBT community has made, bisexuals are still looked upon with confusion — or outright scorn — by gays, lesbians, and straight people alike.