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Finding Prince Charming is an American reality-TV dating show that premiered on the cable network Logo on September 8, 2016. Robert Sepúlveda Jr., an interior designer based in Atlanta, was cast as a suitor for the first season.The concept of the show is modeled after The Bachelor, but instead of having a rose ceremony, it features a black tie ceremony.This is also the first dating show featuring non-heterosexual male contestants since Bravo's Boy Meets Boy and Fox's Playing It Straight.Brian Graden, Dave Mace, Fred Birckhead, Nick Murray, Chris Mc Carthy, Pamela Post and Stevenson Greene are recognized as the series' executive producers; it is produced and distributed by Brian Graden Media.A subtle print also goes a long way, whether it’s micro polka dots or a plaid shirt for a chic casual option. An easy starting point is matching various shades of gray together. In America, we each consume around 53 pounds of it every year.At the end of the process, Prince Charming will choose one man to try a relationship with outside of the series.

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