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Emma used the "we're only friends" line on her concerned parents. But it has been revealed that they told Emma "in no uncertain terms that she's not to see Johnny again".

A source said: "They have always kept a strict eye on their daughter and are very protective parents.

Through his friendship with schoolmate John Hassall, at Highgate School, Borrell was involved in the early formation of The Libertines.

He was present at the sessions for their debut album Up The Bracket and appears as a character in songs, notably "Boy Looked at Johnny" and "Death on the Stairs", and also "What a Waster" which appeared as a bonus track on the album in Japan.

The actress, 17, whose Harry Potter character Hermione Granger romances fellow wizard Ron Weasley in the movie, spent a night partying with the Razorlight frontman, 27, at the Burberry party last week.

They were spotted leaving the bash in a taxi together and headed to the PPQ party at the Dolce nightclub on the same night.

To put that in prospective, that’s actually less than my shitty old punk band managed to sell of our run of EPs.

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The band were watching a video recording of themselves playing a gig and misheard the ending refrain 'Its alright, it's alright' from the song "In The City" as 'razor-light, razor-light' which was then chosen as the band name.

After the split, he briefly switched to being a solo artist covering The Clash and Lead Belly songs.

Many of these shows were played with close friends The Libertines.

In case you can’t work it out, that means his solo EP sold about 10,000 times less than his actual band by his estimates (or 4000 times less by the Telegraph’s estimation.

This has to be an absolute bummer, even if Borrell claims to not really care because ‘he’s a musician, not a salesman.’ However, despite the fact that Borrell is pretty much a failure now and Razorlight have pretty much been firmly forgotten by the majority of the world (officially they’re just on hiatus now, but would anyone actually give a fuck if they got back together?