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You should also avoid sharing any confidential information your partner tells you (unless keeping a secret puts him or her in danger).

The Tyne & Wear Building Preservation Trust (TWBPT) was established in 1979 to preserve the architectural heritage of Tyne and Wear through the repair, conservation and regeneration of our historic buildings and structures.

But that doesn't necessarily mean catching your husband in bed with another woman is the only thing that can cause a rift between you and your partner.

"It's more common now for affairs to be emotional—on social media, reconnecting with a high school sweetheart—or using office chat apps or email accounts to carry on a flirtation," says Dr.

If you want your relationship to be all it can be, both of you must learn how to create this kind of trust.

Most couples only think of trust in terms of being sexually faithful, though essential, there’s more to it than just that.

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"Once you've discovered the infidelity, you need to evaluate your partner's response," says Neuman.Vagdevi Meunier, Psy D, a Gottman Institute master therapist."As Shirley Glass, author of , has said, affairs are about access and opportunity."If trust has been broken between you and your partner, whether it was a physical affair, an emotional affair, or a gambling or drug habit, we've asked relationship experts to outline the exact steps you need to take if you want to work on rebuilding your relationship.A person trusts another when they feel that they can be vulnerable and everything will be alright.You can build trust in your relationships if you are prepared to make the effort.