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Knowing his big weakness, Gigandet decided to build his own gym in a spare bedroom of his house.

In August 2007, Gigandet was cast in the Summit Entertainment action drama film Never Back Down. Whether it’s poking fun at some guys' style faux-pas or celebrating others' abject boredom while shopping, too often the Internet feels content treating the fathers among us like cranky old-timers at the family dinner table—you know, the lovably out-of-touch duffers who are also the butt of every joke.Well, we think that’s utterly unfair, so we’ve taken this opportunity to call attention the best accounts on Instagram that are using the platform to celebrate fatherhood in all its loving, tiring, and inspiring glory.“It’s rare that we’ll work five days a week, so I can usually maintain some sort of routine,” he says, “and there’s always a gym in the hotel.” Once a project has wrapped, Gigandet prefers to disappear into his home gym for two to three hours at a time, four to five days a week—long enough for him to train two body parts and get in 45 to 60 minutes of cardio.“It gets pretty exhausting, but it’s my job right now.