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The new regulations allow coeducational public schools (elementary and secondary schools) to offer single-sex classrooms, provided that the schools: 1) provide a rationale for offering a single-gender class in that subject. if very few girls have taken computer science in the past, the school could offer a girls-only computer science class; 2) provide a coeducational class in the same subject at a geographically accessible location.That location may be at the same school, but the school or school district may also elect to offer the coeducational alternative at a different school which is geographically accessible.are specifically exempted from two of the three requirements above.They don't have to provide any rationale for their single-sex format, and they don't have to conduct any periodic review to determine whether single-sex education is "necessary" to remedy some inequity.At our Baptism we were all accepted as children of God and called to follow Jesus Christ as his disciples and apostles.Disciple comes from a Latin word and means someone who is learning.You can tell they're yearning." Do boys and girls learn differently?

These new regulations were required by a provision in the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), a provision intended by its authors to legalize single-sex education in public schools (specifically, sections 5131(a)(23) and 5131(c) of the NCLB).

Having learnt about Jesus we are called to go forth and tell others about Him (to evangelise).

As lay people (not consecrated or ordained) we live out our faith and give witness to Jesus in the midst of our work and daily lives with our friends and those we work with, at school and in our social lives.

Raising children isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

At Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy, the new all-boys school in East Austin, many of the students are being raised by single moms or grandmas. "I feel it's important [that] I’m in the cafeteria, I'm in the hallway, I'm in the classrooms, so that they can have a conversation with me," Mc Gruder says. They need that male role model who they can talk to.