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However, despite an egregious lack of comparable armaments, the Russian army surprised the world and prevailed in several conflicts against modernized Western states.Serious questions arose concerning contemporary military thought and doctrine.Repeatedly, Russia had somehow found itself winning engagements against superior firepower, often without the advantages of modern weaponry.Yet flash forward to today and the United States, the most technologically advanced military in the world today, is still struggling with irregular, fragmented insurgents in Iraq after seven years. How significant of a role does technological superiority assume in the determination of victory?But for now maybe we can agree on this: Capriati is a celebrity, a curiosity, an embodiment of precocious talent, burnout, too-much-too-soon, a courageous comeback. And in some time zones, the 2013 season is already under way? You know how when marginal tennis players make an unexpected run at a tournament, we love to talk about their adjustments and improvisation?So much so that she is a source of curiosity, a full quarter century after her breakthrough. By the same token, she ought to know that her legion of supporters greatly outnumber those who "slaughter and humiliate" her (her words). I saw a quote from Toni Nadal suggesting that the year-end Masters should be rotated among different surfaces, rather than always on hard courts. As recently as several years ago, the ATP rotated the site of the season-ending cotillion each year. We're always game for fielding offbeat questions, especially during that short interregnum when there are no ATP or WTA events. Scratch that.) Anyway, I would say a combo of the Big Four would take down Brody, no problem -- just combine Federer's diplomatic tact with Nadal's physical presence, Djokovic's tenacity and Murray's ... They had to buy new underwear because they ran out! They had to stay at a KOA campground because they booked only a few nights at the Marriott and when they went to extend their stay, there were no available rooms! They thought this would be a fun show for six episodes. Remember, for all the comebacks and unretirements, Date-Krumm was out of action for more than a decade. That should be easy to confirm, but well, you know ...Das Stadtgebiet erstreckt sich 2004 auf einer Fläche von 12.927 ha, wovon 7903 ha landwirtschaftlich genutzt werden (7131 ha bebaubares Land, 426,57 ha Weiden, 223 ha Heuwiesen; 390 ha Weinberge, 84,02 ha Obstgärten).

Here's what I wrote a few months ago about her Hall of Fame candidacy, and I stand by it: "The game -- the institution of tennis -- beat her up.

Sie liegt in seismisch aktiven Gebiet; hier verzeichnete Erdbeben erreichten eine Magnitude von 6 auf der Richterskala.

Die Stadt ist im Bezug auf die Bevölkerungszahlen nach Bukarest und Cluj-Napoca die drittgrößte Stadt Rumäniens.

But there's something else that Da Bone says sent Jen on a downward spiral -- his recent return to porn ... Da Bone signed on with Vivid Entertainment to star in "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody." Da Bone tells TMZ after Jen OD'd, he called her in the hospital Sunday night and she was "hysterical" over his decision to return to XXX films.

But Da Bone says he doesn't believe Jen would try and kill herself.