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Let's take a minute to examine the theory that he was the perfect boyfriend (apart from the time he told her to get rid of her clothes, because um, had he even met her?!) and Carrie made a mistake in letting him go aka Team Aidan FOR LYFE. He took Carrie on a DELIGHTFUL mini break and she got all pissy about it That trip to the country when she wore high heels and whined all the time was annoying because he OBVIOUSLY chose that remote cabin for a monumental sex fest soundtracked by nothing but birds. He is the biggest DILF we've ever seen OK, so the fact that Aidan chose it because it looked like a purse is a bit reductive, but he definitely had Carrie's best interests at heart.History Channel THURSDAY“Arrow’s” Stephen Amell and “Today’s” Natalie Morales are among the celebs taking part in a special edition of “American Ninja Warrior.” 8 p.m.

Fortunately, Harry is already waiting for him by his locker. “Don’t worry, Haz, just let it out.”Harry bursts into laughter. When they sit down at their usual seats in the back, Harry still hasn’t looked at him or uttered more than a one-word sentence. Louis kicks him softly under the table and when Harry looks at him in confusion, he sticks his tongue out.But Carrie decides to ditch Aidan, a kind, gentle hulk of man.And she does it for grade-A douchebag 'Mr Big' who was somehow deemed better because of his wiggly eyebrows, wanky suits and a massive schlong, is, in my humble opinion, the worst decision she has ever made (yes, even worse than some of those headlines for her columns).At least he’s not so bad to deserve this kind of torture.“And then you have to check the graphic of the supply… If nothing else, because it makes Louis want to sleep too. He comforts himself kicking the leg of Cher’s chair and waking her up from her nap. Alright, so maybe he is a jerk, but only when he’s pissed off. Louis has only talked to her a couple of times because they don’t share many classes so he doesn’t know her very well but she seems nicer that his actual friends at the moment.“Oh, can you stop being so dramatic? He’s honestly worried about how in the world is he going to pass economics with the way Mr. “But clearly not to you lot, who don’t give a damn about me! Harry still hasn’t said anything, too occupied staring intently at his feet.“Okay.Too bad that he can’t even blink without the teacher calling him out on it.“Tomlinson! When the bell finally rings, Louis quickly picks up his things and practically runs to the door. “Do you want to get something in too while we’re at it? ” So, Cher may be right about the dramatics, it doesn’t make what he says any less true, though.“Ooh, Boo, I’m sorry,” Harry says grabbing his shoulders and hugging him to his chest. Together, I mean- he’s not my boyfriend,” he says without looking at Harry.“Oh! I think we should all go to class before we’re late,” Cher says clapping her hands with false enthusiasm.