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We found that most of the folks there were anxious mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and even grandparents looking for a good match for their sons and daughters of marriageable age (which is open to debate).

We have to warn you that this section of the park can get very crowded at this time.

), China’s most famous dating show and one of China’s most popular television shows in general.

So popular it's watched by roughly 300 million people -- the entire population of the US -- each week.

The family is meant to be “productive and constructive, helping and encouraging one another to be good and righteous, and competing with one another in good works”. ; and hold not to the ties of marriage of unbelieving women, and ask for what you have spent, and let them ask for what they have spent.

In Islam, polygyny is allowed with certain restrictions; polyandry is not. That is Allah's judgment; He judges between you, and Allah is Knowing, Wise.

For comparison's sake, America's popular dating show pulls 21% of the national population.

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But it is a one of a kind experience that fascinates you as you walk through scores of pamphlets (snapshot biographies) lining up the pathways and animated parents and grandparents involved in heated discussions and 'brokering' marriage deals, wondering what special qualities of the brides and grooms are being advertised.

We even spotted a fortune teller — possibly reading out the fates of some lucky fellow.

He told his prospective bride: 'When I get the card, you can leave. If I want a passport I need only one signature, that's it.

Interviewed on the programme, Mark Rimmer, superintendent registrar at Brent Council, said the number of sham marriages was 'absolutely enormous'.