Consolidating definition

In terms of regular resources from private sector, UNICEF has consolidated a unique network of national committees in industrialized countries (raising one third of UNICEF’s resources) and has developed alliances with important corporations, foundations and non-governmental organizations. The term consolidation seems to be rather misapplied in those cases, for in point of fact there is a mere stay of proceedings in all those cases but one.The team consolidated their lead with a third goal.We consolidate information from a wide range of sources. The company is planning to consolidate its business activities at a new site in Arizona.

He cannot ask the court to consolidate them but the court will sometimes, at the instance of the defendant, order it against the plaintiff. Divorce and independent marriage-related torts such as assault and battery, malicious interference with one’s business are often consolidated.

[R.] A gentleman [should learn to ride] while he is tender and the brawns and sinews of his thighs not fully consolidate.

of consolidare to make firm; con- solidare to make firm; solidus solid. .] Formed into a solid mass; made firm; consolidated.

It underscored the need to pursue differentiated, growth-friendly fiscal consolidation, to restore normal lending conditions to the economy, to promote growth and competitiveness, to tackle unemployment and the social consequences of the crisis, and to modernise public administration.

Finally, HRDC indicated that the source of funding for financial assistance programs under Part II of the EI Act is the Consolidated Revenue Fund, pursuant to paragraph 77(1)(b) of the EI Act, which constitutes a statutory appropriation of funds.