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I don’t think I’ve had an actual ticket since 1997 when I was pulled over for doing 31 in a 25 in Celina, Ohio.Are you looking for a new, inclusive, catchy name for your student organization? Since the days when the group was forming, Gonzaga has become less conservative, but Philip says that folks are reluctant to change the name of HERO because students know what the group stands for, they also like the fact that “education” is in the title.A name can be an important indicator of what type of group it is, the message group members wish to convey, and who will be interested in your organization. At some colleges and universities, there are few restrictions on what a student group is called. Now, when they advertise, they proudly display “HERO: Gonzaga’s Gay-Straight Alliance.” The so-called, ‘alphabet soup’ method of naming student groups or resource programs, is also popular on many campuses. Arizona State University is the home of the LGBTQ Coalition."There is so much awesome content being created daily with Snapchat and I wanted to show off how this community shapes and pushes the boundaries of the app." Check out 21 of Quiamco's favorite Snapchatters.Are you starting a new gay/straight alliance or queer student group at your school?