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Britons are more likely to be arrested in the United Arab Emirates - the federation of which Dubai is a part - than anywhere else in the world.

The Foreign Office website warns that there is a 'zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol'.

Be aware that some everyday items may also be banned.

Dubai is noticeably quieter throughout Ramadan and the pace of life much slower.Although I dont recommend for families (because of the nightclub) our stay was pleasant, breakfast had plenty of variety and the roof top pool was very refreshing under the night sky.Although said free wifi it was only available in public areas, this was fixed when our room was changed and wifi was available in new room but had to complain first.These rules are relaxed at beaches and swimming pools but topless sunbathing is not permitted in any location. Kissing, cuddling and holding hands is not allowed in public, even in expat bars and clubs and can lead you into serious trouble.The case of Charlotte Lewis, 25, from Palmers Green in London is testament to this.