Dating bruises in the elderly

I receive a lot of questions about determining the age of bruises.

These articles address aging bruises using equipment and mathematical models not typically seen in our routine clinical practices.

Here's a session that will address the latter, at least as it relates to elder abuse programming. The Department of Justice's Elder Justice Initiative is hosting a webinar to review their new MDT guide and toolkit.

The session will be held May 3oth from 2-3pm ET, and is for anyone interested in starting or growing an elder…

The accuracy with which they could identify fresh, intermediate, or old bruises was 55–63%. Conclusion: A bruise cannot accurately be aged from clinical assessment in vivo or on a photograph.

At this point in time the practice of estimating the age of a bruise from its colour has no scientific basis and should be avoided in child protection proceedings.

Dating bruises in the elderly