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From our previous essays, we saw how Leah had great power to change reality through her prayers.Dinah, it seems, actually started out her existence as a male embryo and is named after the "justice-oriented" thinking which resulted in her switch to a female.These three trademarks are of course, the curly hair, home made Red-Special guitar, and a wall of anything up to fifteen Vox AC30s (twelve AC30s were normally employed but for the 1986 Magic Tour, a further three were used).Brian May, performing live during the Another World Tour, ably supported by several examples of his favourite amplifier, the Vox AC30, and his two other trademark items!Leah, who knew that there were to be 12 male tribes born in this family, and who already had six sons at the time, calculated that if she now had another son (the eleventh tribe, Yosef), Rachel would not even have as many sons as the maidservants (who already had two each). God listened to her prayers and switched the baby's gender!This portends the future circumstances in which Dinah will find herself.Judah is in high demand as a speaker, both in the United States and abroad.

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He won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1966 and has also won two Brit Awards - winning Best British Male, in 2000 and Outstanding Contribution to Music, in 2003.Those of us with a more sharply tuned ear may have noticed that occasionally, there appears to be a very different sort of solo guitar tone that Brian has utilised, a much thicker smoother and creamier sound.And to those of us to which this tone has passed us by unnoticed, the best examples of it can be heard on: My Fairy King (Introduction), Procession (Entire piece, multi-tracked guitar), Fairy Fellers Masterstoke (all of the guitar orchestration accompanying the piano), Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon (harmony guitar solo), Good Company (Jazz Horns actually a guitar!Unfortunately, it was a gross misrepresentation of episodes relating to real characters in the Torah, and more specifically of Dinah, the daughter of Yaakov and Leah.In this essay, as we wade through the Torah's commentaries and Midrashim about Dinah’s life, we will try to recapture a true appreciation of this very complex woman.