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Genealogy How-To Archival & Acid-Free Conservation How-To Charts, Forms Magnifiers Gift Certificates This rare early history of Prince Edward Island has been reprinted by Global Heritage Press and includes a new index by Patricia Arnold.224 pages pages of original advertisements; orginally published in 1875; this reprint published in 2003; new index from Global Heritage Press; 6" X 9"; hardcover.ISBN 1-894378-66-0 The book provides a detailed account of emigration of Scottish Catholics to Prince Edward Island, their settlement in the new land, and the establishment of a vibrant community.Everyone with an interest in the history, families and settlement of Prince Edward Island will find this a fascinating peek into the migration of one religious group and how that relates to the overall settlement and history of the island. The first seven chapters deal primarily with discovery, settlement, population increases, war, inbound migration, land division, Highland immigration, etc..For the first clearance each morning, items are date stamped with the previous business day's date.If you cannot find a copy of your Welcome letter or other correspondence, Contact Us .

ISBN 1-897210-93-0 In their day, the many Island women who served as nurses in WWI didn't see themselves as heroic.

ISBN 1-897210-74-4 The Early History of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island provides an insider's account of the early Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The remaining chapters focus on people and events as they relate to the establishment and development of Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island.

However, the book also serves a wider audience -- those with an interest in P. ISBN 97-1-89746-16-4 The author provides an authoritive history of Prince Edward Island during the thirty eight years of the French rgime (1720-1758).

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Dating edward internet island prince