Dating former high school classmate

Prosecutors say the New Jersey teen who strangled his high school friend and then dumped her body in a river planned the murder for six months.Earlier this month, 19-year-old Preston Taylor confessed to helping his friend Liam Mc Atasney, also 19, dispose of Sarah Stern's body after his roommate robbed and murdered her.The two left Stern's body in the bushes for eight hours, before returning to dispose of it.Doyle says that on the second visit, Taylor's job was to act as the lookout while Mc Atasney threw Stern's body over a fence and put her in the front passenger seat of her car.

I met up with fellow classmate Doug Wyatt in July of 2016 and we started dating, we are planning on getting married in the near future. I am an active member of the Upshur County Christmas Store board.She says that Mc Atasney brought Taylor into the plans the night of the murder, calling him before hand and telling him what he planned to do. I'm going to take her out,' Mc Atasney allegedly told Taylor.All three attended Neptune High School together and Taylor even took Stern to junior prom as his date. Mc Atasney reportedly later called back saying 'Dude, I did it'.He then asked Taylor to help him out by going over to Stern's house to hide her body and find his cellphone, which he left behind.Taylor reportedly followed his roommate's orders, and Doyle says he hid the victim's body in some bushes in her backyard and searched for the phone but couldn't find it.