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Given the difference in d'Huy's interpretation I wrote to him asking about his opinion on the possibility that the figure represented a Pied Piper figure, and whether that, if it were indeed the case, would fall within the Polyphemus myth family."In answer to Faris: Prehistorian Henri Begouen (whose sons discovered the cave) and archaeologist Henri Breuil proposed a connection between a musical bow and this therianthropic figure back in 1958!Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands is home to many pleasures as well as dangers that a tourist may face on their trip there.Here are a few things of what not to do while visiting Amsterdam.The maps convince me that the split between the two subclades probably happened about the time that PIE split into separate European and Indo-Iranic groups and the two subclades can be related to the language split.But there's nothing to place any of those events in Iran during the relevant time frame, except for five R1a samples that the authors think are relevant.An ~35,000-year-old individual from northwest Europe represents an early branch of this founder population which was then displaced across a broad region, before reappearing in southwest Europe at the height of the last Ice Age ~19,000 years ago.

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