Dating meissen marks

Pottery & Porcelain Marks – Lines: From the 18th century to present, marks made up of lines straight or bent into waves, x's, crosses, and diamonds were used.

The first line mark, two "crossed swords," was used by the Meissen factory in Germany beginning around 1725 and is still being used today.

No: 7 to 12 are examples of the so-called lustre-marks, in pale brownish red with a mother-of-pearl reflection, produced by lightly firing writing-ink.

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In 1732around 92 people worked for Meissen porcelain , among them the famous modellers J. This period marked the transition towards the neo-classical style.Meissen Mark & Dating Query - Cup and Saucer:- Hello I recently acquired a tea cup and saucer and I would like some help on identifying these pieces.I have already completed quite a bit of research however, I still do not feel as though I know enough to be able to distinguish the difference between an authentic piece of Meissen and/or a repro/copy.I would like to thank everyone in advance and for sharing any knowledge you may have about this piece.Cup & Saucer Description: The Cup and saucer both appear to have had more gold in various places.