Dating options

Meeting people online and finding a connection with a complete stranger can be a scary proposition to some, but nowadays people have become more open to the idea of finding a perfect match online.As social networking grows helped by the booming and advancing technology, online dating too is gaining popularity.

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Michelle has been "online dating" for three years — except she's never actually gone on a date."I find it insanely overwhelming," the 24-year-old New Yorker told Mic. "Michelle's case might be extreme, but the sentiment behind it is common.

No matter what book, movie, show, or game you’re obsessed with, you gotta admit, if you’re single, there’s nothing better than meeting someone who has a similar, unique interest and who you can talk to about it for hours (or days or weeks or months or years).

That’s why our experts have found the best dating sites for nerds — where you can let your geek flag fly!

While some may not be lucky enough, many have found their soulmates and perfect life partners online.

Here are some of the popular online dating options where those looking to find their ideal date can register themselves and find themselves a perfect match for a happily ever after.