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We often consider dogs as the most friendly and most loyal pet. I have to admit that they can be naughty, but they are adorable too. I am living a dog life, they say, particularly while depressed to the fullest. You won’t see these rare animals in the zoo.” I always liked visiting the zoo – be it with my parents in my childhood or the study tour arranged by my school. The awards have brought untold reward and recognition to those involved and each year offers an incredible […] WTF?!

They can give a scratch, but they can make you feel special too. However, it’s not a right thing to say, not only because it disrespects the dogs as the animalists would suggest, but also because the dog’s life is not as miserable as […] These children and animals pose together like longtime friends All animals are innocent except humans. The color combination of the animals, the texture […] Some Bears like human behavior a little too much “These bears have become fed up with their bear’s life.” We heard of birds that mimics our language. The shock on their cute faces is hilarious “Come on man!

We also know, sometimes they can be the best companion too. Well, every now and then, dogs can be fun also with their amazing stupidity.

So, let’s […] Magic Happens, when kids & cats comes together! Photographer: Martin Le-May (c) 2015 28 […] Just when you thought you saw all the rare animals of the world “Trust me! It seems that this cute little animal has fed up with their life […] The Best Of 2015 Sony World Photography Awards About the Awards: The Sony World Photography Awards are the world’s biggest photography competition and its aim is simple: to recognize and reward the best contemporary photography in the world.