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), the observatory (where you might be able to look through the telescope) and the Maze of Mirrors.

Last week we talked about mechanics, the building blocks of a game, and introduced our art style.

Video Game Design and Production is, as a whole, an extremely collaborative effort.

Prague, of course, is the capital of the Czech Republic and has been an intersection of continental merchant routes for centuries. Prague especially is guaranteed to be a hit with young visitors, including the two teens I'm traveling with.

And this year, according to a new survey from, it tops the list of the best European bargain cities, ahead of London, Paris, Lisbon and Budapest. "Prague has so much more to offer than people expect," one local mom tells me. We're touring as part of an Adventures by Disney group that sweats all the details — from where we're staying to planning kid-friendly excursions, complete with a medieval feast where we're feted like royalty at the ancient House of the Stone Bell. Letting someone else arrange kid-friendly excursions in a foreign city certainly has its perks, but Prague, a city of about 1.2 million people, is eminently manageable on our own and a terrific bet with teens who love the combination of the in-your-face history of the centuries-old buildings and the oh-so-hip vibe of the city today.