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Hotel room rates reflect double occupancy with singles assigned same-sex roommates sharing common interests. Destinations include Russia, Machcu Picchu and Africa.

The Singles Travel Company ( divides trips by age: mid-30s and younger; mid-30s to low-60s; and guests 60 and older.

After all, unless you work for the human resources department of a big company, where else are you going to meet as many eligible singles?

Remember: all the good ones are They are online looking for you right now!

Single cruising aboard the “Love Boat” is still around, but with adults looking for active vacation ideas, opportunities exist for ecotourism and volunteer-work vacations.

In my opinion, most people set the bar far too high when it comes to dating. And believe me, you know what those clues are — that funny feeling in your gut that tells you something isn't quite right.

featuring advice from Your Tango Experts Sally Landau & Julianne Cantarella! Today is all about online dating for the mature adult, featuring advice from Your Tango Experts Sally Landau & Julianne Cantarella. Start here.)Think that online dating is only for people in their twenties and thirties? Increasingly, the over-40 set is getting in on the action. You will discover sites catering to certain age groups, specific ethnicities, religious faiths, gender preferences, educational levels and more, making it easy for you to find a comfortable fit.

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have uncovered these 40 essential tips for playing your second half perfectly.