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Right after one year of this relation they got engaged secretly.When they got engaged then there also emerged these rumors that they will tie a knot right the next year of their engagement.Diggy was linked on the Internet to a girl named Liliana, but he never talked about her, and no more details were released (sorry, fans).Even if you can't get details about his love life, you can stay up to date with Diggy by following his blog, .He makes thoughtful posts about new fashion collections to hit the runway, and it's also where he gives info about his mixtapes.

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Under her father’s rapping inspiration he will soon going to move into this profession in the young age. Diggy Simmons is presently single and is not in the media at all for his relationship link up.Due to Liv's actions, Maddie sends Diggie a sweat band while Liv hides his present and instead gives her a porcupine. To make it up to her sister, she has Diggie fly in. (Maddie blushes) Maddie: Hey, I hope you don't mind that painting of my boyfriend... They start being "officially 'in like'" for the first time in Move-A-Rooney, in which Liv also outs herself to be a 'Miggie' shipper. It means that I have to leave for New Orleans tomorrow... Soon after, in BFF-A-Rooney, they officially started datings, as Maddie calls Diggie her boyfriend. which then means that we can't spend the summer together.