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As researchers of romantic attraction, we think about all the single people meeting each other for the first time – chatting for a few moments, deciding whether or not they’d like to get to know each other better – and we are heartbroken not to be observing unobtrusively.

Every night, researchers who investigate relationships and person perception miss out on great opportunities. Interpersonal perception: A social relations analysis.

We find some solace by reminding ourselves that parties and bars are not exactly perfect research environments.

It is true that people at parties can often form real relationships with real futures, and this external validity makes such social gatherings ideal sources of data on real-life mating behaviour (Eastwick & Finkel, in press).

Actual and perceived similarity for each pair were calculated from questionnaire responses assessed before the event and after each date.

Data revealed that perceived, but not actual, similarity significantly predicted romantic liking in this speed-dating context. PY - 2013/6Y1 - 2013/6N2 - The "similarity-attraction" effect stands as one of the most well-known findings in social psychology.

We’ve long been told that women are more selective when it comes to the men they choose to date.

But what if at least a part of that selectivity is due simply to environmental factors and social norms — factors that could be easily manipulated?

Participants attending a speed-dating event interacted with ∼12 members of the opposite sex for 4 min each.The present study investigated the following: (i) whether affective presence influences others' romantic interest in a person and (ii) what types of people have positive and negative affective presence.Forty volunteers took part in a speed-dating event, during which they dated six or seven opposite-sex partners.Scholars have recently begun to harness the immense power of speed-dating procedures to achieve important and novel insights into the dynamics of romantic attraction.Speed-dating procedures allow researchers to study romantic dynamics dyadically, with regard to potentially meaningful relationships, and with strong external validity.