Ektron updating search catalogs

When the prompt appears, select Yes to start the conversion process.

Alternatively, select No and you can convert the catalog later.

I would think in a brand new install you can just put in the localhost url and it should be fine.

This was a busy week for web developers, marketers, and users of both Episerver and Ektron.

Note: The Elements 9 Organizer on Mac OS does not convert catalogs from previous versions.

If you used Photoshop Album or a previous version of Elements Organizer, and then installed a newer version, you're prompted to convert the earlier-version catalog.

I tried upgrading on my local machine and it gives me a CMS license key violation when I try to log in.

It seems to be quite similar to the indexing service in W2003 (even the service name is still CISVC. Indexing Options applet in the control panel is all greyed out and says "Indexing is not running". Basically I just want to know if anyone can offer suggestions for getting the ixsso. Description: Active X component can't create object Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are some good links that have put me on a trail of hope: (this page has the suggestion of registry tweak to make the correlation between the catalog and WWW Service, but it isn't working for me yet) I used the sample from 4Guys From ( which seemed to work, but I again ran into what seems like the Catalog, Web site and WWW Service disassociation issue.

So I discovered tracking setting and selected the iis website i created in the drop down list. Opened the properties dialog box again and found the www server setting blank. I have also experienced the exact same problem as Faizal: I associate a catalog with a website but it never seems to stick.

To show content from a library or list that is shared as a catalog, you must connect the publishing site collection to the catalog.

When you connect a publishing site collection to a catalog, the following occurs: Because Share Point 2013 runs as websites in Internet Information Services (IIS), administrators and users depend on the accessibility features that browsers provide.