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To ensure the ESE database has sufficient memory to work effectively, there is a required minimum amount of physical memory per server based on database count.

These requirements apply to both active and passive database copies. Required minimum memory per mailbox server Database count Exchange 2010 minimum required physical memory Information Store 3.

Instances of mail that is bounced back to the sender may also be fixed.

Please use the steps below to update your Global Address Book.

If you successfully connected to the account before, try to connect to it from another Exchange application, such as Outlook on the Web.

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Since increasing it, outlook has not updated to reflect this.To initiate these updates manually, do the following: So that they can use their updated address book when they are offline. Outlook Connects to the Client Access Server for MAPI Connectivity.But From Exchange 2013 Outlook Connects to the Client Access Server And the requests are proxied to the Mailbox Server Lets See what is happening in the Background In my Case all Roles are installed on the Same Server Offline Address book Generation Server will be a Mailbox Server.Right-click Information Store, and edit ms Exch ESEParam Cache Size Max.Set it to the number of pages to maximize the Database Cache to 4.

Exchange 2016 not updating database