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In 468 AD, a certain woman named Julia went to the Roman Emperor Anthemius to declare that she had married her former slave, her freedman.Roman law on the matter had previously stated that free women who knowingly cohabited with slaves would relinquish their freedom along with the freedom of any children resulting from such a union, and they would all become slaves of the master of the slave to whom she married.In one disturbing instance, pictures of female slaves were posted as a 'free girl slave giveaway' to other ratters.Multiple prank videos also exist which capture victim reactions as thier infected machines are directed to porn and gore websites and their disc drives opened.Within those that reported forced labour, 25% reported that it occurred overseas, whereas 75% occurred domestically, suggesting that modern slavery is a serious concern not just for OFWs but also within the Philippines itself.

It is estimated that there are more than 400,000 Filipinos in some form of modern slavery, the majority of whom are in forced labour.

Modern slavery exists in the Philippines in all its forms, however the issue of forced labour for Filipinos working abroad is a significant concern.

The most recent survey on OFWs by the Philippine Statistics Authority suggests that one in every two Filipino women working abroad is unskilled, and employed as a domestic worker, cleaner, or in the service sector.

"The uniqueness of the African-American female's situation is that she stands at the crossroads of two of the most well-developed ideologies in America, that regarding women and that regarding the Negro." As most were from West Africa, its cultures were central in mid- to late- eighteenth-century slave life in Virginia.

African values were prevalent and West African women's cultures had strong representations.