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The lens is big but not a huge zoom lens; the versatillity of this lens is perfect.In 2010 he was arrested and convicted for "colluding in gathering and making propaganda against the regime”—part of a wider crackdown by Iranian authorities on political opposition.Around the same time, two major political parties were suspended, reformist newspapers were shut down, and the “House of Cinema,” Iran's largest professional guild for filmmakers, was declared illegal.This streaming live webcam with live audio shows a number of live cam views of the Iman Reza Shrine at the Iran city of Mashhad Imām Reza shrine (Persian: ‎) in Mashhad, Iran is a complex which contains the mausoleum of Imam Reza, the eighth Imām of Twelver Shi'ites.It is the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second largest in capacity.