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But, as AP reports, Twitter appears to have its own partisan filter.

Reaction to Trump’s tweets break down sharply along partisan lines, with conservatives more likely to retweet without commentary while liberals are for more likely to respond to a tweet and, presumably, disagree.

Writing an opinion piece for this site, I have also looked at Yiannopoulos’ proclivity for fame-whoring at the expense of human decency.

appeared to go out of its way to normalize Yiannopoulos, rather than highlight the ways in which he is the very definition of an extremist.

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Towleroad has previously covered Yiannopoulos’ banning from Twitter, his ‘Gays for Trump’ party at the RNC, his attempts to profit from his racism with a reality TV show, and his seemingly corrupt scholarship foundation. Richard Branson, a zillionaire who still looks like Santa left under the grill too long! Oh, and c) they don’t have to talk to you about them. Think of all the fridge magnets he’ll buy you at Christmas. Perhaps you could ‘adapt’ their story into something more exciting when you’ve finished tweeting your own. “I can’t believe I got my A-level results 17 years ago.” Should you maybe not be thinking about something else, then? Men who are amazed at the concept and passage of time tend to be dull over-thinkers, endlessly pondering their own mortality and forgetting to take the rubbish out. They tend to be poor sleepers, worrying for hours at a time about something they said in 1984. Jeremy Clarkson sipping champagne in St Tropez and trying not to assault anybody! Men who tell you to follow your dreams have usually achieved theirs – which is great – but they’re only really happy for you to follow yours if a) it does not in some way interrupt the express ride to their own achievements and b) you are funding this yourself.He's helping mobilize an army against oppressors and monsters — and not just on The Walking Dead.Daniel Newman came out as gay on Twitter on Thursday night, and followed it up with a powerful message explaining why on You Tube.