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The Foundation is enrolled in the commercial register and subject to the governance of the relevant qualified authorities. The Prix Henry Dunant generally consists of a monetary sum and a certificate It is generally awarded every two years.

The Foundation may effect any operation directly or indirectly related to this purpose.

There are important legal implications depending on the word and assumptions used; those judged to be refugees have a path to asylum and legal status, while economic migrants are subject to deportation.

The displaced people themselves often prefer not to be labeled and categorized.

There has been some media controversy over this Eurocentric framing of the issue and how to refer to these asylum seekers.

Al-Jazeera announced a policy decision to avoid the word “migrant” and exclusively use the word “refugee,” as flight from war zones creates de facto refugees.

Moreover, it is credited against the positive balance of the founder’s assets.

We are experienced in all of the areas listed on this page.The initial members of the Board are instated by the founder.What might one day be remembered as the Great Syrian Migration for its scale, or the Syrian Exodus for its epic and tragic character, is currently referred to as the European migration crisis.The liquidators can already apply for a public summons when notifying our office about the liquidation and liquidators – in this case, they must also fill in section ‘Selvitystila, II Julkinen haaste’ (Liquidation, II Public summons) on Appendix Form 13.Yet another retailer is being put through the ringer as Aéropostale announced today that it is seeking restructuring under Chapter 11 bankruptcy and gearing up to close more than 100 U. ‘We also expect to honor all gift cards in full, offer new store promotions, continue employee wages and benefits without interruption, uphold the terms of our international licensee agreements and pay suppliers.’ Read more: These are the 5 best bargains in May!