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" Believe it or not, I'm not calling my sister a wanker, but rather, in some twisted affectionate way, "sister". I often call my sister on the phone and say: "Ela (Hi) malaka! This hand movement is used when it comes to situations where you are explaining yourself to someone, placing emphasis on a point you want to get across and or even when you want to end the conversation. When a particular player or team is doing well, especially when it comes to football, they are our best friends and our gods. Then you sort of move it away from and back towards your chest.

He also co-hosts the popular film discussion podcast How Did This Get Made? He began performing improvisational comedy while attending Middlebury College in Vermont as a part of the Otter Nonsense Players.Like thousands of others who had undertaken grueling journeys without adult accompaniment to reach Europe, they found themselves in a strange city with no help and little idea of what to do next.“We went to Victoria because we didn’t know where else to go and we thought someone could help us,” said Ali.He continues to perform in the weekly show "Soundtrack", an improvised show based on i Pod playlists from audience members.Mantzoukas continues to perform and teach at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles.