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In addition to the popular show, Frank is partners with Mike in their shops, Antique Archaeology.The two locations, one in Iowa and one in Tennessee, are where they clean up or refurbish the items they’ve found and purchased and sell them.He expanded his empire to specializing in certain products.He has a company called Rustorations which restores and resells old light fixtures.The September 8, 2010, episode "Laurel & Hardy" garnered Nielsen ratings as high as 5.3 million viewers in the 25–54 age group.As of that episode, the show retained the title of #1 new non-fiction series of 2010 among all viewers and adults 25-54.They met in junior high school and shared a common interest in old things.

For twenty years he and his partner Frank Fritz have traveled coast to coast visiting over 200 American cities salvaging antiques and vintage items and selling them at his shop Antique Archaeology in Le Claire Iowa.

Danielle Colby runs the office of Wolfe's business, Antique Archaeology, The men go on the road, not only following up leads that Colby has generated, but also "free-styling" - stopping at places that look like they might hold items worth buying. The series introduction is narrated by Wolfe and Fritz. Beginning with season 4, a shortened version is used, with the portion in italics below removed: I'm Mike Wolfe. We're looking for amazing things buried in people's garages and barns. We make a living telling the history of America..piece at a time.

What most people see as junk, we see as dollar signs. Mike and Frank explore people's homes, barns, sheds, outbuildings, and other places where they have stored antiques and collectibles.

But his most lucrative venture came when History channel began following his daily responsibilities at his shop.

Since the series premiered in 2010 attracting 3.7 million viewers on the premiere episode.