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The first being the cancellation of a planned concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, due to the venue not being able to cope with the weight of the band's light rig.

The second were two rescheduled concerts in England.

We had to beg, steal and borrow equipment from other acts and it was very unusual but in the end became one of the best gigs we had done. The first festival I went to was Reading, so that will always have a special place in my heart. Urban festivals are great, but I rural are definitely better as you really get to immerse yourself in where you are and leave the real world behind for a few days. I went camping a lot as a kid and would moan about it, but now I think it has set me in good stead!

We don't serve fast food, we serve fresh food as fast as we can!

The Hot Space Tour was the last of Queen's tours to have concerts in North America.

Brian May and Roger Taylor returned to perform in the United States, along with Paul Rodgers, on the Queen Paul Rodgers Tour.

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Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl () (recorded in Milton Keynes, England, on 5 June 1982; also available on the 2011 i Tunes LP as a bonus video) 2.The Hot Space Tour was a concert tour by the British rock band Queen in support of their 1982 album Hot Space.The tour started on 9 April in Gothenburg, Sweden and ended, after sixty-eight concerts, in Tokorozawa, Japan.Queen toured Europe, North America and Japan throughout 1982.Several alterations were made to the touring schedule.