Htc desire hd news widget not updating

HTC Desire HD finally gets its first Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update through custom ROM firmware, thanks to the dedicated efforts of XDA recognised developer, randomblame.On the downside, there is still no word on the official Jelly Bean firmware update release from HTC for the phone, and this makes the need for stable custom ROMs that much more important for HTC smartphone users.HTC has finally launched an official Desire Gingerbread update, which will update the HTC Desire to Android 2.3.3. This is not your traditional "over the air" update that's all nice and easy.Instead, users have to download and install Android 2.3 on the HTC Desire manually.Here is the complete list of working and non-working features as cited by the firmware developer: Broken: Note: If the firmware update process stops responding or gets stuck for any reason, just repeat the above steps from the start after reinserting the battery.

In fact, it has more RAM (768MB) compared to the One V (512MB). It can't even be related to the internal memory as the Desire HD has more of it compared to the Desire S, which is getting the Android 4.0 update.

Update: According to a post on Facebook, the Android 4.0 update for the Desire HD is still on track and is expected in July-August.

Only the handsets on Telus' networks won't be getting the update.

Hi Guys, Over the past few days my current location on the HTC weather app/widget is not updating and I cant get any info on my location such as current temp, high and low temps. Have done a factory reset and checked all settings.

When I try to sync it manually I get an error saying, "The connection dropped while your weather information was downloading." My network reception is working fine, I even tried it on Wi-Fi and that didn't even work. Seems to have happened before in other parts of the world.