Imogen poots are we officially dating

She never really grew up, she was savvy as hell and very intelligent but that doesn't necessarily translate into her being able to take care of herself."Part of the enjoyment of making The Look of Love came from working with the prolific Winterbottom, she says."He is such a kinetic film-maker, constantly switching it up and deciding things in a way that I found very brilliant. You walk around and you find things that are perfect for the film and you just shoot it."It's a shame in a way because you then go onto other jobs and you realise: 'Oh no, not everybody is like that.

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Hide After a night of vigorous coitus, Imogen Poots’ Ellie giggles resentment for not having made Zac Efron’s Jason wait longer for sex. But then I realised, I’m a dude.” With that, we get a solid idea on the film’s perspective on modern masculinity, with characters not above lying and manipulation in order to “punch a card”.

The west London-born star is appearing in some of the most highly anticipated films of the year.

Meanwhile as a model she has found time to front a fragrance campaign for Chloé, shot by Sofia Coppola. When we meet in a trendy, windowless bar she is wearing trousers that feature an elaborate, chaotic silver print.

with Zac Efron, but we're pretty sure we have more skillz in that area.

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