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I thought for sure Nicki Jekyll and Hydeing from sweet to pissed while accepting the Best Hip-Hop Video award for “Anaconda” was fake.I'm trying a new format with my blog posts because I know how difficult it can be to search through the hundreds of status updates posted on MY FACEBOOK PAGE, desperately trying to find one that matches your current mood. (Crystal Lee Wolfe) ____ There are so many scams on the internet now...(Cygnus X-one) ____ I told my teen to be wary of strangers and "weirdos" on the computer. (Danny Coleiro) Status updates about Facebook and/or stalking: ____ I'm inappropriate on Facebook because I have to be appropriate and follow the rules in real life. " My friend is posting a lot of statuses on Facebook and I can't keep up... (Nawknee Kuuipo K) ____ Does everyone have that one dumb ass that finds you on Facebook and will not give up?yes, I'll hold." (Jack Wagon) ____ why is it that when I meet people in real life they want to Facebook friend request me too? Repeated friend requests, inbox messages, and follows my pages. I understand at some point I will have to give in, but just because I'm married to him it doesn't mean I have to like him, right?Their little clumsy, stammering, supposedly adorable routine was cute enough in this episode, but how much do they actually have in common, apart from being good-looking, single and looking for some fun?

And that they make cute Instagram videos lip-synching to Mariah Carey and acting out scenes from movies?All that aside, Kate Walsh is easily doing the show's best work currently, probably because Addison is one of the least compromised characters on the show.Her major revelation this week, that she aborted Mark's baby, was delivered in the perfect way: almost offhand, not over-the-top at all. Derek and Meredith's micro-drama over these two episodes seemed almost like a joke by the show's writers, like, what else could possibly impede these two?Younger shoppers who may not have experienced the well maintained, operated and merchandised iconic regional department stores just view macy as a larger but run down version of TJMaxx or Marshalls.Surely the new CEO has seen how poorly organized and uninviting the macy stores are; surely he could hire more staff to maintain the store.