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Now, if they actually remember all of these events happening is the real question at hand…Beer drinkers were also 35 percent more likely to have a same-gender hookup, 26 percent more likely to have made a sex tape and 23 percent more likely to have been in an open relationship. Let’s just say, the moral of the story is, I’m moving to Ireland immediately.

I may not be ethnically Irish, but I Sean Abrams is a sex & dating writer for Elite Daily.

"He thought because he had land, it would be no problem.

"But women have their own careers these days, they are very well educated. They are looking for companionship and fun and someone who can keep them on their toes." Ms Maycock, who founded the match-making agency with her husband and business partner, Feargal Harrington, said a lot of former "party boys" now in their late 30s are contacting the company after seeing their gang of friends settle down, and a sense of urgency kicks in.

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The firm then has to have a "realist" talk with the men over the phone before signing them up to their books, to save disappointment further down the line.

Ms Maycock told the Sunday Independent: "There are guys in their 50s and 60s coming to us looking for a woman 20 years younger and we have to tell them there is absolutely no circumstances that dream is going to happen, but maybe we could look at someone five or 10 years younger." She added: "Quite a few guys are in competition with their friends.