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While Salt-n-Pepa made it cool back in the day, folks have taken this hairstyle to a whole new and crazy level.Seriously, it has lasted about two years longer than it should have, and everyday women came out the blue with the Two-Face look (your job was cool with that? As much as I’ve openly loathed the look, I will say that there are a few celebrities who have been able to pull it off.Some of the relationships themselves may be over and done with, but the beautiful music these iconic couples made together will live on forever.I’ve been saying for about a year that the whole, “I’m-going-to-shave-one-side-of-my-hair” look was a mess.It’s what many people know her for (beside being Diddy’s…boo? But I would love to see her go really chic and cut that last bit of hair off in the middle of her head and just be bald. Source: Source: Rihanna The first time Ri-Ri tried this look in 2009, it was actually pretty cool.She had a short cut, so it fit the rock-star chic look that she was trying to go for.For her 20th birthday, Lindsay Lohan treated guests to a 0,000 dinner party prepared by a celebrity chef in a private Malibu beach house.Friends who attended the soiree included Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, Courtney Love and Owen Wilson, which doesn’t half sound like the oddest group of people assembled, right?

We will be updating our gallery with pictures of the showbiz regulars hitting the London party scene so keep checking for updates.Each character's section has a list of dialogue where that character speaks first.Some of the dialogue listed here doesn't seem to have made the cut, I don't think I can't identify all of those lines but some are pretty obvious (for example some characters calling other characters by their not-final name).The hip hop mogul posed for image after image while on deck, even using a nifty extender at one point to include the view behind him.The rapper has shared Christmas snaps on his Instagram page featuring his stepson Quincy, 23, and son Christian, 16, and twin girls D'Lila and Jessie, who he shares with on-and-off girlfriend Kim Porter.