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Their friends compare anxious Sara to a cat, and breezy Tegan to a dog.In a cab two days prior, Sara and I sat in the back talking about her relationships, while upfront Tegan thrashed to the driver’s alt-‘90s playlist, routinely turning to ask if we were even listening: “Guys, Hole! They both have slicked-back hair, whited-out lips, and bleached eyebrows to shoot footage for “Boyfriend,” the lead single from their forthcoming eighth album, Love You to Death, that will be part of their live show.To be eligible for 2016’s Best Gay Porn Star, the gay porn star must have appeared in at least five gay porn scenes in 2016.All of the gay porn stars who were nominated for this award in previous years ( would be considered for a such a high honor, but the Str8ie Awards are all about surprises!Princess syndrome is a mental disease that’s effecting millions of females worldwide, females that have princess syndrome are usually dumb, slutty, attention whore seeking wanna-be princesses.Although this mental disease is known worldwide, one could put up a very good argument that it started in America due to the lameness of the media.Aside from her pageant sash and ice skates Tegan was clad head-to-toe in Boohoo fashion, a cropped embellished jacket helping to keep the chill out since she was no doubt feeling the cold in her bare-legged ensemble.

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There’s plenty of steamy romance, supernatural happenings and lesbian drama to keep you warm on crisp October nights.

In a city of beige sheds in Burbank, north of Los Angeles, the Sir Reel Studios live up to their name when Tegan and Sara Quin appear fresh out of makeup, the mirror image of each other, even more so than usual.

Fans can usually tell the 35-year-old Canadian identical twins apart: Sara has a heart-shaped face, and Tegan has a little scar from her old labret piercing.

Should we add the new Kristen Stewart blonde and buzzed look to Chloe’s list? Lesbians are known for our androgynous aesthetic, but like all styles, lesbian hair cuts evolve with time and taste.

To clarify current (and past) trends, I’ve assembled this lesbian hair cut guide.