Jon foster dating

(The couple are also parents to son Taj Tallarico, 23.) Chelsea is half-sisters with Mia (her mother is Cyrinda Foxe) and 36-year-old actress Liv Tyler (whose mother is singer Bebe Buell.) PHOTOS: Rockstar romances Foster also has a famous sibling -- actor Ben Foster.He is best known for his comic book covers (DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics) and other works featured in Dungeons & Dragons and Alternity.

Prepon’s reps declined to comment, while Foster’s camp has yet to get back to us.

PHOTOS: Famous celebrity families "I'm beyond excited and proud to say that these two turkeys are gettin hitched," 35-year-old plus-size model Mia wrote. " The actress shared a funny snapshot of the couple donning sunglasses, fake mustaches, and a chicken hat.

Foster, 29, and 25-year-old Tyler [real name: Chelsea Anna Tallarico] are producing partners in the band Bad Bad.

I think one of the things that will show through is the camaraderie we have, it’s really very real.

(On his family and growing up) "Well we moved a lot. My dad and my mom create high-class nightclubs, bowling alleys, and billiard halls, places where women feel safe.