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A few years ago, an elderly gentleman arrived at the club, introduced himself as Mr.

Cornwell, stayed two days and drank a few beers with the club's owner, a German expat named Wolfgang Deschler.

When a mass influx of over 160,000 refugees poured into Kenya in 2011, donors responded to ensure that humanitarian agencies were prepared to meet their needs.

A year after the latest crisis, refugees still living in the Dadaab Refugee Camp are unable to return to Somalia...

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Broad swathes of northern Kenya are battling famine caused by government negligence which has allowed the country's infrastructure to deteriorate and foreign aid that has made thousands of people dependent on food deliveries.

When the International Criminal Court dropped its case in December against Mr Kenyatta, indicted alongside his Vice-President William Ruto for crimes against humanity, it paved the way for the homecoming that the President so desired.President Barack Obama has chided Kenya on its gay rights record and urged the government in Nairobi to take greater steps to tackle corruption, describing it as “the single biggest impediment to Kenya growing even faster”.The US leader called for “visible prosecutions” to show citizens that something was being done about corruption, noting that Kenyans “don’t have to be a forensic accountant to know what is going on”.Countless families are being broken up as mothers and children leave Somalia in search of relief while their husbands stay behind to care for relatives who are too old, too sick, or too weak from hunger to flee.These heroic women and their families are survivors of the century's biggest humanitarian emergency.